2018 Wedding Food Trend Forecast

2018 is the dawn of a new wedding era! You have no doubt been perusing  glossy bridal magazines, blogs, and Pinterest for styling inspiration and now it’s time to pick a wedding food trend.

Food is a hugely evocative part of a wedding so if you’re a detail fanatic and a styling zealot then you’ll certainly want to make sure this element of your Big Day is bang on trend.

Let’s talk food…


From “Bake Off” to your Friday night cocktail, botanicals are blooming everywhere!

If your wedding styling features minimalist greenery or stationary dotted with exquisite floral watercolours – or centres around your love of Gin – then incorporating botanicals within your menu is a must! De Winton Paper Co. know exactly how to style this trend!

Visually, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly-pretty edible flower. If you don’t believe us, browse the floral haven that is Maddocks Farm on Instagram!

As for flavour, a whole world of botanicals exists to be explored. Freshness jumps onto a plate (or into a glass) from citrus peels, juniper, lemon balm, angelica seeds, pink peppercorn, coriander etc.

Despite their delightfully dainty looks, botanical inspired dishes offer surprisingly powerful flavours! This Pickle Shack signature Gin and Tonic is a perfect example.


It’s a trend that’s sticking around – and why not! Beauty and comfort in one tiny word sounds like a wedding planning dream.

This Nordic trend is about cosiness and contentment. A perfectly dressed venue can certainly conjure these qualities and so can some good grub on your menu! Peruse Virginia’s Vintage Hire’s collection for a rustic furniture fix.

Comfort food has been standing strong in wedding food trend categories for some time. Hygge has become a cultural staple and is the perfect twist to refresh this trend for 2018!

Nostalgic puddings, sharing style feasts, jugs of heavenly jus, freshly baked bread… if that isn’t enough to get you screaming “I do” to Hygge, imagine all this bursting with the intense flavours of traditionally preserved and pickled produce.

The Scandinavian tradition of preserving meats and out of season ingredients means you can literally have it all! Our chefs can even introduce your menu and explain how the tangy goodness reached their plates to ensure that your guests know just how hard you worked to get Hygge with it!

Experimental Dining

If you’re known for being the foodie couple, don’t let people forget about it. Make it the theme of the day!

Create an immersive menu to base your styling around, offering an experience for ALL the senses.

Kick start the foodie fun with a bespoke canapé reception. This is the perfect opportunity to bring some foodie geekiness to the day. Our chefs experience of molecular gastronomy can take your favourite flavours to a whole new level. Rhubarb cloud, anyone?

Throw the traditional three-courser out the window and mix it up with a bespoke wedding day tasting menu. Any fears of “Aunty Jill doesn’t like this; Cousin Sarah won’t eat that” will need to be conquered from the get go!

Evening food – the word ‘Epic’ is what we’re aiming for. Your dance floor warriors need fuelling and after a day of experimental dining, a simple burger isn’t going to cut it. What might? How about spice and honey glazed chicken wings with smoked macaroni cheese – you nailed it!

As for the drinks… leave the prosecco in the fridge and tap into an alternative welcome and toast drink. Wild Beer Co have a range of awesome products for exactly this! We promise that a flute of Ninkasi will set the experimental vibe for the whole day. Oh, and our chefs can totally cook with their Beer too!

Homegrown Global Flavour

Food miles are a hot topic of conversation! We love to source locally – in fact, we insist on it!

But this by no means limits your menu to just local cuisine. If your wedding styling vibes are heading off on an exotic get-away, make sure your menu does too.

Our Chefs are champions of finding local alternatives for global flavours and spend their ‘Creative Days’ experimenting in the kitchen and honing new techniques to achieve exactly this!

How about boards of chilli and lime marinated slow roast beef brisket served with bowls of herby Pao de Queijo for a Brazilian feast. Or a taste of European sunshine with a flaming (yep, real flames) Portuguese leite crème, lemon thyme and pink peppercorn biscuit and steeped gooseberries dessert.

Impossible? Never! As many of the ingredients as possible for these global dishes will come from right on our doorstep!

You could inject a simpler taster of this wedding food trend with Street Food style offerings for your evening food. Favourites such as pizza, kebabs and nachos are all international superstars and we can put quite the foodie spin on these legends to achieve ‘Epic Evening Food’ status.

Eco Friendly Wedding

Eco friendly weddings are growing in popularity and the waste food movement goes hand in hand with this.

Going veggie for the day will score big bonus points. Vegetables are more sustainable than meat, more environmentally friendly to produce and can create less waste during preparation. Think root to shoot use of veggies – no binning the peel or ditching the core.

Our chefs love to take a day out to go foraging for super star ingredients. Give them the freedom to create a menu inspired by what they can forage for your Big Day and the resulting dishes will be naturalistic works of art!

Eco venues are also a growing trend! Here in the South West, venues such as Hayne Barn are making great efforts to keep your wedding’s environmental impact to a minimum – they even have underfloor heating powered by a biomass boiler.

To get even closer to nature, check out The Plank Company Events. Their domes are made from locally felled trees and they have a stunning range of hand-made furniture, using sustainable materials and recycled timber!

Wedding Food Trend Setters

If these trends don’t tickle your taste buds, then have no fear!

Our Michelin trained chefs will work with you to select the ideal menu for your Big Day. They are on hand at every step to advise regarding flavour combinations and the seasonal ingredients available locally.

You can start a wedding food trend that is entirely your own!

By Rose Harvey