Let’s get personal: How to approach bespoke

Bespoke is our mantra! A Pickle Shack dish is always an original, to be devoured and enjoyed but never caught in the same dressing twice.

Our Michelin trained Chefs will work with you to create a unique menu from scratch, so that the flavours of your wedding food enhance the memories you’ll look back on.

In line with our Produce Promise, we will source at least 80% of the ingredients for your wedding food from our favourite Devon based suppliers, keeping food miles to a minimum.

Here’s a handy guide to kick start your menu designing experience:

Seasonal Stars

The season of your wedding will be the defining feature of your Bespoke Menu.

Each season has its own super star produce, ripe and ready for the lime-light. An Autumn plum gives as Oscar worthy a performance in an October dessert, as a tantalizing strawberry does in a Summer pudding.

There’s no need for Seasonal envy, trust us!

Location, Location, Location

We’re spoilt for choice with fantastic local producers here in the South West. Ten miles is as far as we need to travel from our kitchen or your venue to find almost every element of your menu.

This gives you major bragging rights when your guests complement your menu designing skills!

Limitless Courses

A Bespoke Menu has no limits!

Two courses leaves plenty of room to enjoy a slice of wedding cake and keeps you light on your feet to tear up the dance floor. Three courses means no sacrificing the starter or dessert! Meanwhile four courses ramps up the indulgence factor to squeeze even more seasonal flavour into your Big Day.

For the ultimate Foodie Wedding Breakfast, consider a Bespoke 10 course tasting menu.  Who knows, you may start a new Wedding Breakfast trend!

Stylish Service

A plated three course affair or a sharing style feast, street food festival or buffet bonanza… however you’d like your food served, a Bespoke Menu gives you the freedom to coordinate the food with your wedding styling. We can match a canapé to your bouquet or a sharing board to your centre piece.

Bespoke Menu

Let’s have a go at the really fun bit! Sit down with your partner (we advise having a snack nearby) and reminisce about all the meals you’ve enjoyed together.

Think about the following things and scribble down a few notes as you go:

  • Flavours you love
  • Favourite cuisines
  • Childhood treats
  • Foods you tried on trips abroad
  • Places you love to go out to eat
  • The vibe you want your wedding to create

You’ll be amazed what our chefs can translate your musings into, so let us know all your foodie desires!

By Rose Harvey